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Hosted by F. Paul Valone, "Guns, Politics & Freedom" is now a weekly radio show on Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM Eastern on Wilmington's Big Talker, 106.7, and streaming over the Internet at as part of the station's "Sunday Night Political Power Block."

Below are archived shows to date. 

Episode 64:  States of emergency and the creeping police state

Episode 63:  How are we faring on preserving freedom during the emergency

Episode 62:  Defending civil liberties during the Coronavirus emergency

Episode 61:  2020 Primary Election Impact on Gun Rights

Episode 60:  2020 Primary Edition

Episode 59:  Inside the Mind of a Leftist

Episode 58:  The implications of the impending Virginia revolution

Episode 57:  Impeachment, Virginia and What it Means to You

pisode 56:  Did the Supreme Court just drive gun makers out of business?

Episode 55:  Left uses courts to subvert will of voters

Episode 54:  Eric Holder is back and plans to make an example of YOU

Episode 53:  Dear Gun Owner...Are you a Domestic Terrorist?

Episode 52:  Why Universal Background Checks = Universal Gun Control

Episode 51:  The Gun Control Fight of our Lives

Episode 50:  Cultural Cage Match:  The Left Understands What We Do Not

Episode 49:  Happy Independence Day (you insensitive SOB)

Episode 48: Republican Attempts to Gut Concealed Carry

Episode 47:  I Have Been Colluding with the Russians

Episode 45:  A Lesson in How the Media Lies to You

Episode 44: What the Christchurch Massacre DOESN'T Mean

Episode 43: The Changing Political Dynamics of Gun Control

Episode 42:  California-style Gun Control in NC

Episode 41:  Jeff Knox and the NRA

Episode 40:  Erich Pratt and the GOA Bumpstock Suit

Episode 39:  Opening Salvos in Gun Rights War in Congress

Episode 38:  Merry Christmas You Racist Pig / Bumpstock Ban

Episode 37:  AR15 Pistols - Are you an Accidental Felon?

Episode 36:  Thanksgiving is Racist

Episode 35:  What the 2018 Elections Mean for your Gun Rights

Episode 34:  2018 Mid-term Elections - Future of the Republic

Episode 33:  The Kavanaugh Witch Trials

Episode 32:  2018 Election Threat to Gun Rights

Episode 31:  Gun Control Super PAC Targets NC

Episode 30:  Viral Media Sensation, Mark Robinson of Greensboro

Episode 29:  Law Professor Greg Wallace on Justice Kennedy's Upcoming Retirement

Episode 28:  Understanding Gun Laws

Episode 27:  Mike Hammond, Gun Owners of America

Episode 26:  The Republican Sellout on Spending Bill

Episode 25:  Stopping School Shootings / Dick's Sporting Goods

Episode 24:  A Discussion with John Richardson of the Only Guns and Money Blog

Episode 23:  Broward County Shootings - Lies and Solutions

Episode 22:  What the Left Really Wants

Episode 21:  SHOT Show and Black Guns Matter

Episode 20:  Federal Affairs Report from David Codrea

Episode 19:  National Reciprocity

Episode 18:  Dave Kopel on SCOTUS

Episode 17:  National Concealed Handgun Reciprocity

Episode 16:  The Relentless Onslaught

Episode 15:  Why the American Left to Blame for Church Shootings

Episode 14:  David Hardy, Author of I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Kill You

Episode 13:  Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

Episode 12: Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage

Episode 11:  Michael Bloomberg

Episode 10:  NICS Checks for Voters

Episode 9:  States of Emergency with Alan Gottlieb, Exec. Dir. SAF/CCRKBA

Episode 8:  The Real Lessons of Charlottesville

Episode 7:  Dr. John Lott

Episode 6:  John & Vicki Farnam

Episode 5:  Carry & Mandatory Training

Episode 4:  Greg Wallace, 2A in Courts

Episode 3:  Andrew Branca, Self-Defense Law

Episode 2:  Jeff Knox, NRA history

Episode 1:  Rep. Chris Millis, HB 746