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Mayors Against Illegal Guns


MAIG’s checkered history

“Mayors Against Illegal Guns” was created in 2006. Alleging that “crime guns” were being smuggled from southern states to New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg used private investigators for “sting” operations against gun shops by trying to lure gun dealers into illegal “straw purchases,” then filing lawsuits against the dealers.

By using non-law enforcement “straw” purchasers and buying guns out of state, however, Bloomberg himself violated state and federal law, prompting Virginia Attorney General Robert F. McDonnell to threaten felony prosecution.

Bloomberg is not the coalition’s only potential felon: Detroit’s Kwame Kilpatrick serves time for perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice; Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was arrested under federal charges surrounding “county bond deals”; Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon faces 12 counts, including perjury and theft; and last (but not least), Racine Mayor Gary Becker is charged with “child enticement” for Internet solicitation of sex from what he thought was a teenager.

MAIG now agitates for repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment, gun show restrictions, and “gun trafficking” laws. Although five mayors resigned from the organization, saying they were misled on its agenda, five NC mayors are listed as members.

Asheville: Mayor Terry M. Bellamy

Burlington: Mayor Ronnie K. Wall

Chapel Hill: Mayor Kevin Foy

Clemmons: Mayor John R. Bost

Durham: Mayor Bill Bell

Greensboro: Mayor Yvonne Johnson

Greenville: Mayor Patricia C. Dunn

Raleigh: Mayor Charles Meeker